Jean del’cour

Technical division

Since 2006, the technical division of Jean Del’Cour “JD’C Innovation” has positioned itself as an innovative SME active mainly in the Aerospace, Defense, Railway and Medical sectors.

We offer efficient solutions in Connectors, Mechatronics and Composites from manufacturing to complete processing, including design, development, industrialization, re-engineering and mass production.

Performance and competitiveness are the key words of our company with a social purpose.

One stop shop

Integrated solutions

Our core businesses complement each other beautifully in order to act as a true “ONE STOP SHOP”.

Cost effective solutions

Thanks to our controlled overheads and our competitive workforce, we allow you to centralize your request and the production of your equipment.

Tailor-made solutions

We also have a team of around twenty people whose complementary profiles (civil engineer, technicians, quality controller, administrative executives, sales manager and purchasing manager, etc.) allow the company to respond quickly, efficiently, to your requirements, all sectors combined, from simple production to the management of your project from A to Z.


Composite department


Mécanique de précision

Precision engineering

Value proposition

They trust us

A question to ask us ?

JD’C Innovation is supported by Europe and Wallonia for the following projects


Developments, tests, validations, qualifications and certification of a guided rocket warhead.


Study and Research Project for Design, Experimentation and Validation

Perceval Next

Projet d’Etude et Recherche pour la Conception, l’Expérimentation et la Validation – Second phase


Project which aims to offer a removable, adaptable, movable and completely removable interior partition, while minimizing the impact on the surrounding elements as much as possible.


Self-calibrated sensors on multi-core fibers for embedded applications


Smart Integrated Guided Rocket Development