Technical Division


Jean Del’Cour’s teams develop, industrialise, produce, test and market mechatronic assemblies that incorporate mechanical, electrical and electronic components and sub-assemblies.

In recent years, Jean Del’Cour has made major investments in training its staff, next-generation technological equipment and facilities (in particular, a fully ESD room), in order to satisfy the most specific and exacting requirements when it comes to mechatronic development and assembly.

Our engineers develop hardware and are proficient in standard software-programming languages such as ‘C’ and ‘C++’, Python, Java and more.

We have calibrated equipment that allows us to produce fine assemblies and we have implemented semi-automatic systems that allows us to ensure end-to-end traceability.

Using Jean Del’Cour’s mechatronic assembly skills in conjunction with our other services can help to streamline your search for an end-to-end service (One Stop Shop).

Using a single, client-oriented source to provide turnkey products or assemblies can reduce delivery times, minimise costs and provide a single point of contact for your organisation.