Technical Division


Jean Del’Cour’s teams develop, industrialise, produce, test and market electrical interconnection systems for professional use in difficult environments.
In particular, these systems include harnesses (bespoke cable harnesses), interconnected assemblies(boxes, racks, cabinets, etc.) and electrical cabinets. Our client portfolio covers a wide range of industries, including, among others, aeronautics, space, medicine, defence and security, transport and, more generally, the electromechanical industry.
Our team, which comprises engineers, production managers, inspection and quality assurance experts and, most importantly, nearly forty operators who are qualified according to international standards such as IPCA620-B, is at your service to develop your equipment until it is finally integrated.

Our strengths

  • Project management
  • Studies → our team develops electrical equipment assemblies, from analysing the needs until they are integrated into the final equipment.
  • Prototyping
  • Industrialisation
  • Small-, medium- and large-series manufacturing
  • Inspection and qualification
    • Development of testing methods (test benches, programs, interfaces, etc.)

Our equipment

  • Automatic wire- and cable-cutting machines and stripping machines
  • Precision stripping machines
  • Semi-automatic crimpers
  • Electrical continuity and insulation testers
  • Tensile testing machines
  • Duct-printing systems