Technical Division


The ‘composite’ department of Jean Del’Cour (JD’C Innovation) develops, industrialises, produces, tests and markets items made from composite materials and multi-material assemblies.

We implement professional and repetitive processes, including the draping of pre-dipped items, vacuum-packing and polymerisation in autoclaves.

We work with any kind of reinforcements, including the most common options, glass and carbon. In most cases, we use epoxy resin supports. We integrate ‘features’ of every kind into composite structures, such as metallic inserts, information capturing and transfer systems (including fibre-optic sensors), fastening systems, etc.

We are proficient in assembly techniques such as gluing and riveting parts made of composite materials.

We inspect our pieces dimensionally and structurally using non-destructive testing (NDT) methods, either in-house or through a network of carefully selected partners.

This combination allow us to ensure a high level of performance and quality that meets the specific requirements of sectors such as aeronautics, space, defence, transport and, more generally, any application that requires a high level of performance.

Our team has significant expertise in design and CAD (we use Solidworks), allowing us to regularly take part in co-development projects with our partners. Our ability to collaborate with our clients’ design offices, our agility and our creativity are strengths that allow us to steer innovative projects within tight deadlines.

Our equipment

JD’C also invests in state-of-the-art infrastructure that aims to satisfy the strictest and most stringent requirements of its clients across every relevant sector.

  • Autoclave 10 bar – 200 °C – L 3 m – Dia 2m
  • 300 m2 ISO 8 clean rooms
  • 120 m2 overpressure bonding and assembly room
  • Automated fabric-cutting machine
  • Inspection laboratory
  • 40 m2 cold room