Logistics Division

In House

The flexibility and versatility of our teams allow us to be active from our facilities and on our clients’ premises.

1. For more than twenty years, Jean Del’Cour has been able to satisfy specific needs when it comes to packaging and logistics services, by bringing its expertise, equipment and teams to the table.

We integrate a zone for your business and define a process together to support your activity and fulfil your expectations.

For example, for large logistics groups, our teams unload containers on various sites. We have installed our equipment in these warehouses and our staff oversees everything, in order to ensure that our workers feel at home.

2. Do you have a specific or temporary need or project that requires manpower? No problem. We can mobilise our workers within your establishment to provide services.

In this way, several dozen people are on the Jean Del’Cour payroll each year, but working within another company, while respecting the development, well-being and skills of each person.