Technical Division

Precision engineering


The expertise of our turners, in conjunction with our use of state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software, allows us to produce parts that respond to the most exacting usage constrictions our clients have.


Thanks to CAD/CAM and MasterCam software (with integrated probes), tool-calibration technologies and our metrological control rooms, we are able to produce shapes of all kinds on our 3-, 4- and 5-axes machines with the greatest possible precision.

Welding and mechanical welding

Our teams carry out small- and large-scale bespoke projects in our welding workshop, based on the specifications provided by our clients, whether for specific parts or mechanically welded assemblies for steel and stainless-steel parts.

Dimensional control

Le contrôle dimensionnel est assuré tant de manière traditionnelle, via des instruments standard (micromètre intérieur et extérieur, calibre…) que par de moyens de dernière génération intégrant 2 bancs 3D Wenzel utilisant les logiciels Quartis et Metromec, le contrôle micrographique, le contrôle de la rugosité et un contrôle optique via caméras.


Born from a genuine desire to position itself as a partner for innovation projects, our design office works tirelessly to develop new agile, robust and reliable manufacturing processes in the constant search for optimal quality and price. Furthermore, we develop new technologies and new products in collaboration with our clients’ design offices, who are regularly integrated into the innovation process.

Our design office also carries out feasibility studies, design and tool manufacturing.


In order to offer clients an end-to-end service, we have developed partnerships that cover a wide range of special techniques that are complementary to our profession, such as surface treatments of any kind, thermal treatments, etc.