Jean Del'Cour
Notre différence...
Aussi notre force !
Jean Del'Cour
L'humain au coeur de nos projets !
Jean Del'Cour
La performance à vocation sociale !
Founded in 1965

Jean Del’Cour

Founded in 1965, the “Jean Del’Cour” Entreprise de Travail Adapté (ETA) has progressively become an efficient and sustainable company over the years and through its many iterations, finding a way to bring together its social vocation and its financial goals.

Every day, nearly 600 employees demonstrate their efficiency and ambition under the supervision of qualified personnel, both inside and outside the walls of our company, in sectors and services as far-ranging as wrapping and packaging, wiring, machining and welding, maintaining parks and gardens, maintaining social housing and more.

Jean Del’Cour and JD’C Innovation are supported by Europe
and Wallonia for several projects