Logistics & Services Division

Maintenance & renovation

Jean Del’Cour has also had a department dedicated to maintenance and renovation works since 2008, in order to respond to the needs of public and private companies of all sizes.

This department comprises a team of around forty workers, who are trained in special building techniques and certified (VCA safety, working at heights, etc.) and able to carry out bespoke professional and qualitative assignments.

Our services

  • Cleaning sites: the company specialises in vacuuming and then laying polyurethane screeds and collecting and sorting materials
  • Renovating social housing and flats (coating and painting, plastering, laying and removing carpets, etc.)
  • Support for buildings and civil engineering (stripping, brick mixing, assistance with tracing, etc.)
  • Maintenance of green areas, parks and gardens: mowing lawns, pruning, trimming hedges, weeding, clearing, creating lawns and flowerbeds, cleaning cemeteries, etc.
  • The list goes on

We also have a fleet of machinery, including, in particular :

For transporting and moving bulky items or heavy equipment :

  • 13 van-type lorries
  • 1 flat-bed lorry
  • 1 dump truck
  • 5 trailers

For work sites :

  • floor cleaners and mono-brushes
  • dust and water vacuum cleaners
  • miscellaneous sanders, including long-reach sanders
  • plaster and paint sprayers
  • small tools

For maintaining green spaces :

  • brush cutters
  • hedge trimmers and leaf blowers
  • chainsaws
  • 2 tractor/lawnmowers
  • 1 tractor/reaper